Product group
Hydrolyzed Protein, animal origin
EC No.
  • Liquid and water-soluble protein hydrolysate

  • From natural and renewable raw materials

  • Processed with an eco-friendly enzymatic hydrolysis

  • Made in Germany

  • Low water- and carbon footprint production

  • Free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

  • Description

    PROTEIN-N8.5 is an easily biodegradable natural polymer produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of bovine protein. The product is water-soluble and consists mainly of short-chain peptides. As a by-product from the food production, PROTEIN-N8.5 is free of any residues from fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides.

  • Application
    • Liquid fertilisers with high organic nitrogen enrichment

    • Production and processing of fertilisers and biological pesticides

    • Amino acids and peptides act as natural complexing agents

    • Emulsifying, foaming, and gelling ingredient for the technical industry

    • Additive to improve the biodegradability of synthetic polymers

    • Biopolymer

  • Technical data

    Chemical description
    Protein hydrolysate in liquid and water-soluble form

    brownish suspension with a characteristic gelatine odour

    Dry matter
    ≥ 60 %
    Ashes (500°C)
    ≤ 10 %
    pH (10% in H₂O)
    6,5 ± 0,5
    Density (20°C)
    1,23 ± 0,02 kg/l
    Viscosity (20°C)
    820 mPa·s
  • Active ingredients
    Total nitrogen (relative)
    8,5 %
    Organic nitrogen (relative)
    > 8,0 %
    Organic nitrogen (absolute)
    > 98 g/l
    Hydrolyzed protein
    > 55 %
    Bioactive amino acids
    see amino acid profile
  • Amino acid profile

    Left: g amino acid per 100 g crude protein (equal to % weight). Right: content of amino acids per 100 g of product. The quoted values are subject to slight standard variations and analytical tolerances.

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