Amino Acids

Basic building blocks of proteins.

Amino acid profile

Schematic diagram of amino acids forming a protein material. The aminogram shows the nature of the protein. Plant wheat protein and animal collagen and keratin protein, for example, show different and typical aminograms. The aminogram is like a „fingerprint“ of the protein.


(From the Greek hydro ‘water’ and lýsis ‘solution, dissolution’)

Hydrolysis is the process of breaking a chemical bond by reaction with water. Large protein molecules, insoluble in water are split into soluble peptide chains and amino acids. Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, become easier bioavailable. Protein hydrolysates can be produced by thermal, chemical, or enzymatic process.


Human and industrial activity regulating its practice according to principles aimed at protecting and improving the environment within the framework of sustainable development.  Eco-sustainable acting is oriented to the target of preservation of environmental resources.

Resources are consumed in a way that the next generation receives the same amount of resources as the previous generation. Resource renewal and preservation is at the heart of the sustainable discourse and is seen as the inherent capacity of the world to transform itself in a cyclical manner. A capacity that must be defended so as not to change the delicate balance of the earth.

Circular economy

Regenerative system in which the use of resources and the generation of waste and emissions are minimised by slowing down, reducing, and closing energy and material cycles; this can be achieved through sustainable design, maintenance, repair, reuse, and recycling. Recycling is usually the last method to regenerate resources.

The opposite of the circular economy is mostly called the linear economy (also „throwaway economy“). It is currently the dominant principle of industrial production. A large portion of the raw materials used are landfilled or incinerated at the end of the product’s useful lives. Only a small portion of the raw materials is recycled.

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