Quality you can trust

The highly qualified staff at the well-equipped laboratory and production plant in Germany ensures the high-quality standard of our products. Processing adjustments are implemented thanks to real-time testing.

All orders and production sequences are consistently monitored and tested to conform to the product requirements. Product quality is documented accurately in a certificate of analysis corresponding to the product specification and delivered punctually with each individual customer order.

We do not use genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and we source exclusively GMO-free quality raw materials.

Benchmarks and strict quality control

To constantly improve our analytical procedures, we regularly conduct benchmarks and compare our analyses with certified external laboratories.

Because our raw materials are industrial by-products, a strict selection process and continuous inspection of incoming goods ensure that they are free of any chemical residues from fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides.

However, quality does not only count in manufacturing and order processing. That is why we have implemented strict regulations for packaging and logistics and ensure on-time delivery without compromising quality.

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