Our DNA …

For more than twenty years, we have been focusing on assisting our suppliers and business partners operating in the tanning, animal feed, and human nutrition industries, to improve product processing and recycling technologies, and to optimize the distribution of organic by-products.

Our moral values are expressed at every level of production, distribution, and service at „PROTEIN PRODUCTS: growing good & clean“

PROTEIN PRODUCTS is proud of extending its ecological policies while partnering up with suppliers and clients, to implement an environmentally sustainable supply chain.

Sustainable thinking and acting is at the heart of everything we do.

… holding a strong environmental consciousness

The business model of PROTEIN PRODUCTS is based on two pillars: circular economy and sustainability. It integrates ecological awareness into every section of the business, primarily using biodegradable products and renewable raw materials to achieve ZERO WASTE, and to minimize CO₂ emissions.

Because we care: The production of our contamination free products generates 90% less CO₂ than the industry average.

We refrain from exploiting scarce natural resources and we find new ways to recycle industrial by-products. Whenever possible, we use proteins and carbohydrates and minerals that are still suitable for human or animal consumption but are no longer considered economically profitable.

Functional, ecologically sustainable, and biodegradable products from renewable raw materials.

Ecological footprint reference

In our production facilities, we have developed and implemented processes that minimize energy and water consumption. Our employees and partners are committed to our ecological and social programs that they support with transparency and conviction, ensuring that strong moral values are part of PROTEIN PRODUCTS’ DNA.

PROTEIN PRODUCTS already operates with a 90% lower CO₂ footprint compared to the industry’s average. This achievement is a meaningful contribution towards a promising future, and for us, our partners and clients, great prospects in GROWING GOOD & CLEAN™.

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